(704) 312-1466 Waterproofing your Charlotte, NC Home: Which System is a Better Fit?

Averaging 44 inches of rainfall in a year (8 inches more than the national average), Charlotte’s residents are always looking for ways to live agreeably in their subtropical climate – a weather much like the one being experienced by equatorial countries. It is rainy 119 days out of 365 in this city – a reason why basement waterproofing in Charlotte, NC is considered fundamental by residents. However, basement waterproofing is best performed by licensed professionals who have been in the business for years.


Waterproofing your Charlotte, NC Home: Which System is a Better Fit?


Here are some options about waterproofing your foundation to help keep your basement area dry:


Exterior waterproofing – This works by installing a membrane or sheeting to the outside of the foundation, which directs water down the wall to an exterior drain. The water is then carried by the drain away from the house.


Interior waterproofing – This basement system typically uses a sump pump that pulls the water from below the foundation as well as requires an interior French drain or trench around the perimeter of the basement floor. This allows for water that may enter the basement to flow out.


Of the two systems, it is logical to pick an exterior waterproofing scheme. This is because allowing water to be trapped inside your basement in the first place may lead to formation of mold, mildew, and even structural damage on your home’s foundations. It is good to have a pump that can suck the stagnant water out anytime it is needed – but it’s far better to keep the water off your basement floor and walls permanently by installing a sheeting on the outside wall to direct water away from the foundation.


If you are planning to convert your basement into another living or storage space, say, a small warehouse, a playroom, or a workshop, it’s best to do exterior waterproofing before working in the interior. No one would want to spend time in a damp basement.


Protect your home’s main building blocks from the effects of nature. With numerous accredited contractors for waterproofing in Charlotte, NC, such as Blake’s Waterproofing, one can seldom go wrong with seeking their professional help. Call Blake’s Waterproofing and solve your damp basement problems once and for all.



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