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The addition of a basement living space can significantly increase the value of any home. After all, space is always a premium that people are willing to pay for. However, homeowners in Charlotte, NC should be wary about the condition of their basements, especially since the city sees about 41.6 inches of rainfall every year. To put that into perspective, the U.S. average for annual rainfall is at 30.21 inches (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).


The above average amount of rain befalling the city highlights the importance of waterproofing Charlotte, NC basements. For the most part, a waterproof membrane is used to coat the walls, foundation, and crawl space of a basement to protect it from water damage; however, homeowners would be wise to take additional measures to protect their homes.


What Are the Benefits of a French Drain



These include the following:




When it rains, does water collect around the walls of your basement? If so, your gutter downspout is probably too near your home. This poses a huge problem when the amount of water is too much for the soil to hold, as excess water will find its way through any existing cracks and openings in your basement. Adjust your downspouts so that they empty at least 5 feet away from your walls.


French Drain


Invented by Harry French in 1859, the French drain operates under the principle that water always flows downhill. By installing the drain to be lower than the house, it is able to efficiently transport excess water away from the foundation of a home. Furthermore, an experienced Charlotte, NC basement waterproofing company like Blake’s Waterproofing can disguise the drain and make it a natural addition to your backyard.


Sump Pumps


In many cases, water is able to seep through to the foundation of a home, despite the presence of nearby drains. The best workaround to this problem would be to install a sump pump. This machine uses a network of pipes around the foundation to collect water. As the amount of water stored in the pump increases, the hydrostatic pressure increases and forces the collected water away from the foundation.




Unfortunately, there is no fool proof way to keep all water out of your basement. Eventually, some water will find its way into your home in small amounts. Although small amounts of water itself won’t really destroy your basement or your foundation, it can become a health and air quality hazard by promoting the growth of mold. To prevent this problem, install a dehumidifier inside your basement living space.


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