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Water moisture can gradually seep into your basement. It may take a while to notice the tell-tale signs on your floors and walls, but it is not wise to wait until the indicators are completely visible. Any homeowner should know that getting basement waterproofing in Charlotte, NC is necessary for the safety of family and loved ones. The first thing to do is to find out where exactly in the basement the moisture is coming from.

Comparing Basement Waterproofing


Sources of Moisture


This problem starts either because condensation accumulates indoors or leaks from the outside are making their way to the basement. The specific source can be any of these: overflowing gutters, faulty plumbing, improper grading, downspouts, cracks in the foundation, damaged windows and doors, high water table, and high humidity. If you see excess moisture in any area of your home, it is recommended for you to contact a Charlotte, NC foundation repair company to prevent further damage.




Once the source of moisture has been identified, the process of waterproofing can begin. Make sure that you hire trusted companies or qualified professionals as this is quite an intricate and delicate procedure. Waterproofing a basement can be done using three methods: paints, exterior modifications, and interior upgrades.


Waterproofing Paints


Paint is a low-cost option. Basically, paints and sealants are sprayed or rolled on to walls and floors, considerably reducing condensation and leaks. Another layer should be applied once it starts to peel or flake. Note that this option is not applicable to situations of a more severe nature.




This is considered as one of the most effective methods of basement waterproofing. The exterior method includes installing a drain underground and around the entire foundation, after which it is connected to a drainage system which then redirects the flow of water away from the basement. This can be both time-consuming and expensive.




The interior method is designed to move out the water from the inside. This is also an effective way of waterproofing. Like the exterior method, this requires installing a drain, but this will be done on the inside. Drains pump out water from the inside and out of the basement. A vapor barrier can also be included to protect from further condensation.


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