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Water has many ways of getting into any part of a building. It might seep into cracks and gaps caused by normal wear and tear or left by construction or remodeling mistakes. It can drip from a leaky pipe or overflow from a clogged sink or toilet. Water can even be brought in by the air in the form of vapor that condenses to form droplets on cool surfaces of the house. Water absorbed by wood, drywall, paper, and other organic materials can cause mold growth that can lead to decay and dry rot.

Home's Foundation

Water is the cause of many problems in and around the home. Cynthia Freeney lists ways water can damage your home’s foundation.

Water saturates the soil around the foundation walls. During construction, workers dig a hole for building the foundation. When the foundation was finished, the hole was backfilled, refilling a hole with excavated material. Backfilled soil is not as dense as undisturbed soil; as a result, it soaks up water like a sponge.

Water pools around your foundation because it is trapped by undisturbed soil within the perimeter of excavation. This may cause water to leak into the basement and cause basement walls to bow or crack if an interior drain and sump pump system is not installed. Charlotte NC foundation repair companies install foundation drainage to prevent soil beneath footings, walls, and slabs, from eroding.

Running or pooling water are not the only causes of foundation problems. Even vapor can also compromise the foundation of your home. Vapor in the air can cause mold growth and lead to rot.

Foundation problems can get worse over time so have Charlotte NC basement waterproofing contractors like Blake’s Waterproofing inspect your home. For the most part, a preliminary inspection won’t cost you anything; many good companies offer this for free.

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