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The basement in your Charlotte, NC home can be a valuable asset, if you can successfully convert it into an added living space. Its value, however, can easily dissipate if it becomes a major source of mold growth.


Causes of Mold in Basements


Mold spores are present just about everywhere, but mold proliferation depends on two factors: food and water. Mold can feed on many things, like dust, human food, and even paper. However, it is exposure to water and moisture that promotes its unabated spreading.


It is easy for mold to grow and proliferate in basements, primarily because these rooms get little sunlight, and are thus prone to high humidity. The high humidity and cold temperatures in basements create condensation, which feed mold spores.


Basements are also the most prone to flooding, so mold growth can accelerate after a flood. Likewise, moisture in basements can come from plumbing leaks and water in the ground that seeps through cracks and crevices on basement floors and walls.

Preventing mold grow in basement is a major undertaking

Containing Mold Growth


Despite the ubiquitous presence of mold spores, early intervention can stop mold from spreading. This means conducting water damage restoration right after a basement flood.


Additionally, to give your basement better protection from mold growth, put in measures that will minimize dampness and moisture build-up. As AsktheBuilder columnist Tim Carter says in an article published on the Chicago Tribune:


You must stop water from touching the mold and its food source. This is easier said than done, especially on the cool walls of a basement.


Waterproofing Your Basement


Charlotte, NC basement waterproofing professionals like those in Blake’s Waterproofing will inspect your basement to identify potential causes of moisture build-up, and work on these areas. The solutions they offer include repairing cracks and leaks, installing sump pumps and French drains, and encapsulating crawl spaces.


These experts will look at the various signs that would indicate the source of dampness in your basement and address this accordingly. For example, peeling paint and rusting on metal surfaces can be an indication of high humidity. Damp walls, on the other hand, can come from cracks in the foundation. These pros can also be counted on to perform effective foundation repair in Charlotte, NC basements to prevent moisture build up.


If you want to get better value out of your basement, convert it to a new, more functional space; but first make sure to have it inspected and properly waterproofed to avoid the costly and devastating effects of mold growth.


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