(704) 312-1466 Basement Waterproofing in Charlotte, NC is Different with Each Home

Basement flooding can be a big problem for any homeowner in Charlotte, as it often leads to costly property damage. There can be many causes for a flooded basement, including an overflowing washing machine, a faulty dishwasher, a plumbing leakage, to name a few. Yet, the most common, but similarly least recognized, is the flooding caused by cracks and openings in the basement walls. During the winter and rainy seasons, water outside can seep through the walls and sub-standard basement windows, causing flooding. While basement waterproofing in Charlotte, NC can address this, the solution still varies for each home. As mentioned in an article published in TheSpec.com last October 29, 2013:


Many homeowners wonder, what is the correct way to waterproof a leaking basement? The answer to this question is not always straight forward, as an effective a solution generally depends on the specific situation. Waterproofing options can vary from house to house and require the expertise of an experienced foundation specialist.

Most basement walls leak due to outside cracks and other direct opening in the foundation walls and around basement windows. These can also include openings in cracked porous bricks and other exterior entry points that allow water to get in.

It’s important to remember that the only effective way to stop water from entering through these openings is from the outside. This requires excavating around the perimeter of your house to allow access to the problem area.

This means that for each home, the solution may be different in order to be most effective. As home improvement, repair, and maintenance services are a significant investment, homeowners are recommended to have contractors who are extensively trained and possess plenty of experience to work on their home.

These companies include local providers like Blake’s Waterproofing, who offer a variety of interior and exterior solutions, and have extensive experience in providing professional waterproofing in Charlotte, NC. Providers like these conduct comprehensive evaluations of basement leaks, properly determining which waterproofing solution would suit the home the best, and offer services such as foundation repair and the installation of French drains, among many others.

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